Can You Halt The Ageing Process By Being Kind?

Being a kind person and trying to do right by others all the time will certainly make you feel good inside (and ensure that everyone likes you and always speaks highly of you)… but can it also help stave off wrinkles and keep the signs of ageing at bay?

Well, a new book by Dr David Hamilton called The Five Side Effects of Kindness suggests that this is in fact the case – so you’d better put your happy hat on and start being nice to people if you don’t want to see those wrinkles put in an appearance.

Featured by the Daily Mail, the book cites studies that show that giving and receiving kindness can actually help strengthen our immune systems, helping us to recover from illness faster and fight off disease more effectively.

What’s more, the formation of wrinkles can be slowed, it would seem. It was explained: “Groups of unstable molecules called free radicals produce something called oxidative stress in the body, which causes nasty physiological reactions, including hardening of the arteries and memory loss. It also leads to visible signs of ageing.

“But being kind produces a substance called oxytocin, often known as the ‘love hormone’, as we make more of it when we feel love, share positive contact and have sex. The less oxytocin we have, the more free radicals we get (think of how skin ages under stress), but the converse is true too, so being kind helps smooth wrinkles.”

While there may not be a link between kindness and wrinkle-free skin, being kinder to others certainly isn’t bad advice. And while you may not notice a change in your appearance, you’re sure to feel better about yourself as a result – so why don’t you make kindness a top priority over the next few months and see just what happens?

Start off by holding the door open for people, phoning someone you know who might be lonely or feel isolated, pay people a few compliments, smile at people more, invite a friend to dinner… there are so many ways you could give it a try!

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