Rejuva Lift 3

A new innovation within skin rejuvenation treatment, Elionce™ Rejuva Lift 3 is a PDO thread with special heart shaped Anchor Points that increase the effective tissue anchoring area. The closely positioned Anchor Points have only 1.25mm gaps between anchor points helping to prevent any dimpling effects when the thread is tensioned. These specially designed threads are manufactured using a proprietary moulding method that ensures a higher tensile and anchoring strength than other threads with cogs created by cutting into sutures.

  • Heart-shaped Anchor Points with improved tissue contact
  • Moulded Anchor points offer greater tensile and lifting strength
  • Decreased likelihood of ‘dimpling’
  • Lower degradation rate

skin rejuvenation treatment | Elionce Rejuva Lift 3

Elionce Rejuva Lift 3 PDO Thread Lift Treatment PDO