Discover These Anti-Ageing Secrets Of French Women

Unless you’re one of the many women who have already treated your skin to a thread lift procedure, did you know that a recent study found that French women look, on average, 3.4 years younger than us Brits? We might beat them when it comes to the number of women who make use of new and exciting cosmetic procedures, but when it comes to naturally delaying the ageing process, they’ve got some secrets from which we could do well to learn.

Thankfully, the study from, reported by The Telegraph, has let us in on these secrets to learn and keep our skin looking younger for longer.

First up, the French are great at finding a product that works specifically for their skin type and sticking to it. Once you’ve found a toner that works for you, it’s likely a cleanser and moisturiser from the same brand will work too. Try to avoid mixing too many different products.

If you’re someone who suffers from drier skin, hunt out a product with specific hydrating ingredients, while those with oily skin should opt for a product that offers some soft exfoliation to help tackle this. Ideally the moisturiser you choose should have some SPF protection, which most products tend to provide now.

When it comes to your skin care routine, think menage a trois and carry out the triptych set of skin care essentials. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Make this a key part of your daily life – your face will thank you for it!

Something that isn’t as popular with us Brits as the French is using a serum on our faces, although in France this is a key element of a women’s skin care routine. French women are more likely to opt for a cheaper toner, cleanser and moisturiser but splurge on a high quality serum. Serums are the best products for tackling lines and wrinkles as they can soak further down into your skin.

While British women tend to use their products just on the face to the jawline, French women go further using on the neck and chest. A lot of people forget to include the neck in their face care routines, but the neck can age just as much if not more than the face and really age a person. Simply making sure you include this area will make a noticeable difference, after all, collagen isn’t as present in the neck and the skin is much thinner so this area can age faster and skin become looser.

A great way to improve circulation and blood flow in your face (which in turn will give you plumper skin) is to give yourself facial massages. When applying your toner, cleanser and moisturiser use light pressure and move in circular motions to give your skin double the benefits in the same amount of time.

In Britain, we spend more time trying to cover ageing skin spending a lot on foundation, rather than putting in the work to prevent lines and wrinkles. Be careful as some foundations tend to sit on wrinkles and lines and can sometimes highlight them. French women tend to aim their focus on mascara and lip sticks instead. Perhaps opt for a foundation with a lighter coverage or even a tinted moisturiser which won’t leave your face feeling heavy.


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