Could Scientists Have Developed A Treatment For Ageing?

How to stay looking young and fresh is a challenge that many of us wrangle with as we get older. Whether we alter our diets, try to get more sleep or treat ourselves to skin rejuvenation treatments, there still isn’t anything that stops the ageing process even if we’re able to look younger.

But now there could actually be a treatment that works to not only stop, but reverse, the ageing process.

Before you get too excited, scientists have only tested this in mice so far, although the trials have shown promising results.

The researchers have developed a modified protein that can remove what are known as senescent cells from the body. Senescent cells are ones that have become dormant and are considered to have ‘aged’.

After treating mice with the substance, they recorded that the animals that received the protein saw their fur regrow, as well as an improvement in kidney and liver function, compared to those that were left to age naturally.

In addition, the mice that received the treatment could also run further than their counterparts that had been given nothing.

Peter de Keizer, lead scientist on the project at Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands, told the Guardian that he can envisage a time when people are able to go for a regular “rejuvenation shot”.

He explained that senescent cells can actually cause damage to the body even though they are no longer active. “[They] secrete a whole load of junk and they’re not just bystanders but have a negative effect,” he said.

Of course, we need to take this news with caution. The biology of mice is very different to that of humans and we have no way of knowing whether the modified protein Mr de Keizer and his team have developed will work the same way on people.

In addition, we also know little of the possible side effects of using this kind of substance in our bodies, so there is a lot more testing to be done before we can expect to see anything resembling an ageing treatment appearing in our healthcare system, NHS Choices pointed out.

There are other ways that you can tackle ageing though, such as by having an Elionce thread lift. This non-surgical procedure sees tiny Polydioxanone threads injected into your skin. This has the effect of tightening it, but the threads themselves also stimulate the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin in your skin.

All of this combined helps remove wrinkles and gives your face a plumper, more youthful appearance.

It isn’t only your face that can benefit from this kind of treatment. You can also have a thread lift to deal with chest or neck wrinkles, which can give away your age even if your face looks fabulous. As thread lifts have long-lasting effects, you can give those problem areas an instant boost that won’t fade.

By moisturising, making sure you wear sunscreen and keeping hydrated, you can help look after your skin as you get older – and make the most of your thread lift treatment.

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