Can Eating Less Halt The Ageing Process?

We all know that eating certain foods can help boost collagen production and keep our skin looking youthful for longer (we’re talking the likes of berries, fish like tuna and salmon, red vegetables and so on)… but now it’s being suggested that eating less could actually slow the ageing process down altogether. Music to our ears here at Elionce!

Studies done by Brigham Young University scientists on mice found that when calorie consumption was restricted, a near-linear increase in lifespan was observed. Mice on a calorie-restricted diet were found to suffer from fewer diseases and were also more energetic.

It was found that when ribosomes (which make protein in cells) slow down, so too does the ageing process. This drop in speed does lower production but also gives the ribosomes more time to repair themselves, the study discovered.

Biochemistry professor and senior author of the report John Price said: “Food isn’t just material to be burned — it’s a signal that tells our body and cells how to respond. We’re getting down to the mechanisms of ageing, which may help us make more educated decisions about what we eat.”

Of course, you’d be wise not to make any serious changes to what you’re eating without consulting with a dietician or nutritionist first. It’s important that you do get all the nutrients you need and restricting calories could mean you’re not getting all the essential vitamins and so on required to keep you healthy… as tempting as it might be to cut everything out in order to keep your skin looking young and wrinkle-free!

As long as you’re eating healthily and getting enough fruit and vegetables (apparently, we’re supposed to be eating ten portions a day now!), your skin should continue to be in good condition. And it’s important to remember that no matter what you eat or how much, you can’t stave off old age forever. At some point, your skin will start to gather a few wrinkles and crow’s feet – in which case, you might start thinking about thread lift procedures to help turn back the clock a bit.

Elionce is one of the best premium thread lift treatments available today, using polydioxanone to make your face look younger and fresher – but in an entirely natural way. Polydioxanone is a biodegradable thread that’s used in surgical sutures, thread that’s absorbed into the body so there’s no need to return to your clinic to have it removed.

This kind of procedure is suitable for the majority of people from their early 20s onwards so if you are worried about your appearance and want to take action into your own hands, give us a call at Elionce today. One of the best aspects of having this treatment is that the procedure takes no more than around half an hour and there’s no downtime, so you don’t have to worry and can go about your day as normal afterwards.

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